The “JOURNAL” website has been launched!


A “JOURNAL” column has been added to LANDRESS official homepage. Click "JOURNAL" to view the contents!

In JOURNAL, we share LANDRESS’s thoughts on weddings, the latest destination wedding consultations in Japan, recommendations of tourist attractions in Hokkaido, and the latest information and policies on COVID-19 in Japan.

In addition, we will also share the beautiful scenery of Hokkaido in different seasons in JOURNAL. The nature of Japan can breed different scenery during the change of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Many scenery can only be enjoyed at that time and place.

In fact, people are just like the nature.

With the passing of time, the stage of life is constantly changing. LANDRESS regards weddings and all life events as precious moments in life. Even as time goes by and society changes with each passing day, that day will be a colorful memory, embellished for life, never fade. The close contact with nature, the beautiful scenery that you see, and even the taste of the seasons are all real experiences, which are clearly engraved in your mind and become an important part of life.

The nodes of life such as weddings and anniversaries are the best opportunities to connect the fleeting daily moments into a thread, closely linking your past, present, and future family, and knitting together.

Although due to the impact of the pandemic, you may not be able to reunite with your family, or you may not be able to hold weddings, celebrate anniversaries, etc., we hope that the beautiful memories recalled through contact with nature can bring warmth and strength to you today and in the future.